Is an android car stereo tested before shipment?
Yes. The android car stereo will be tested before being delivered. Quality control tests are performed at various stages, and the final quality test before shipping is primarily to ensure accuracy and ensure no defects before shipping. We've got a team of quality inspectors who are all familiar with the quality standard in the industry and pay great attention to every detail, including product performance and package. Frequently, one unit or piece will be tested and, it will not be shipped until it has passed the tests. Performing quality checks helps us in monitoring our products and processes. It also reduces the costs associated with shipping errors as well as the expenses that will be shouldered by both the customers and the company when processing any returns due to defective or inaccurately delivered products.

Owning strong capabilities in manufacturing tesla style touch screen, GUANGZHOU Guangzhou Yichi Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd AUTOMOBILE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is an outstanding manufacturer that integrates R&D, production, and supply. Yichi Automobile Electronics produces a number of different product series, including android gps. YiChi [android gps is processed by the advanced Pulse-Width Modulation constant current technology which controls the artificial circuits with the help of the microprocessor to control or change the power. Its screen has been increased in its touch sensitivity. It has reliable colorfastness. It is mandatory to identify and eliminate any possible colorfastness risks prior to production. With a curved glass screen, it looks elegant and luxury in its appearance.

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