How about Yichi Automobile Electronics' independent R&D capabilities?
Guangzhou Yichi Automobile Electronics Co., Ltd' R&D capability is considerable in the industry. We have an independent R&D division working on extensive research and development activities ranging from basic research to the development of products. We contribute to the progress in the industry through R&D activities achieved in the facilities equipped with advanced equipment and innovative ideas.

Over the years, GUANGZHOU Yichi Automobile Electronics AUTOMOBILE ELECTRONICS CO., LTD has earned a good reputation for providing high quality tesla style touch screen. We specialize in design and production. Yichi Automobile Electronics produces a number of different product series, including android navigation. YiChi [car android gps is manufactured not only complying with the domestic quality standards but also with the international quality and safety standards on LED lights, such as CE. It has an Aux Input allowing people to connect to the audio output of an external device such as smartphones. This kind of material helps protect the feet by being made into high-quality shoes that avoid possible friction and inflammation. Its screen has been increased in its touch sensitivity.

We have an environmental-friendly production concept on the mind. We are looking for cleaner materials and create sustainable alternatives to the current packaging materials. All of our production processes are stepping forward a more environmentally acceptable way.
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